PLAKAT (Pelayanan Kepada Masyarakat)

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PLAKAT : JURNAL PELAYANAN KEPADA MASYARAKAT is a multidisciplinary scientific journal of social and political science that presents the implementation of science and technology in solving problems in society. This journal contains the publication of the results of community service activities, models or concepts and or their implementation in the context of increasing community participation in development, community empowerment or the implementation of services to the community.

PLAKAT : JURNAL PELAYANAN KEPADA MASYARAKAT published regularly twice the year in June and December. The purpose of this journal is to disseminate ideas and results of research conducted by universities, particularly the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Mulawarman University, which can be applied in society.

PLAKAT : JURNAL PELAYANAN KEPADA MASYARAKAT contains a variety of activities carried out both internally by the Social Sciences Mulawarman University or from externally in handling and overcoming various problems that occur in society by applying science and technology which can then be beneficial to improve the welfare of the society.

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