Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope

Jurnal Kesehatan Pasak Bumi Kalimantan (JKPBK) aims to contribute towards better known as a result of scientific studies that can be accessed by academic circles and researchers. The JKPBK has also promoted excellence in health sciences and practice through the dissemination of the latest, evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical information and original research.


Jurnal Kesehatan Pasak Bumi Kalimantan (JKPBK) is a scientific periodical journal, managed by the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Mulawarman Samarinda. It publishes twice a year. This journal is designed as a place of dissemination of information and scientific knowledge. It publishes original articles, article reviews, and case reports. These comprise of biomedical sciences, clinical medicine, public health sciences, nursing science, tropical diseases, and the other health articles.


Section Policies


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Peer Review Process

Publication of articles in Jurnal Kesehatan Pasak Bumi Kalimantan Practice is dependent solely on scientific validity and coherence as judged by our editors and/or peer reviewers, who will also assess whether the writing is comprehensible and whether the work represents a useful contribution to the field. JNP acknowledged the effort and suggestions made by its reviewers.

All submitted manuscripts are subject to a double-blind review process, through an online system. The review process takes 1-3 weeks, and its primary focus is the novelty of the manuscripts and their contributions to the field of medical and health sciences.

Peer review procedures

  • The corresponding author submits the manuscript through JKPBK's online system
  • The JKPBK Editor Board will identify the quality of the manuscript and the possibility of cases of scientific misconduct including authorship, ownership, and plagiarism. 
  • The Editor Board notifies the submissions and informs the authors if the papers are suitable for the journals. Therefore, the manuscript will be sent to two reviewers for the reviewing process.
  • All of the contributions of the JKPBK are subject to a double-blind peer-review, which means that neither the author(s) nor the reviewers know the identity of the other.
  • At least two reviewers review every submitted paper. The review process is an online process use review form and contains a clear referees' statements concerning paper's publishing approval or its rejection
  • In case of minor revisions, the article is sent to the author(s) together with referees' opinions. The authors are asked to respond to the referees' comments and make the appropriate adjustments in the text. Then, the authors send back the corrected version.
  • The Editorial Board makes the final decision on publication.


Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.



This journal utilizes the LOCKSS system to create a distributed archiving system among participating libraries and permits those libraries to create permanent archives of the journal for purposes of preservation and restoration. More...



Jurnal Kesehatan Pasak Bumi Kalimantan is an open-access journal (e-journal) that publishes scientific works for health practitioners and researchers. The focus and scopes of the journal include biomedical sciences, clinical medicine, public health sciences, nursing science, tropical diseases, and the other health articles.

The JKPBK Editorial team welcome and invite researchers from around the world to submit their papers (original research article, systematic review, and case study) for publication in this journal. Submitted papers must be written in English or Indonesian Language for the initial review stage by editors and further review process by a minimum two reviewers.