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Gender mainstreaming includes all operations in a peacekeeping operation, including disarmament, demobilization and reintegration, rule of law, elections and capacity building of national institutions. UNTAET, United Nations peacekeeping mission in East Timor is the first who have Gender Affairs Unit (GAU), followed by a mission of UNMISET and UNOTIL. GAU address to issues gender mainstreaming in its operations. The most obvious impact of the UN peacekeeping mission on gender relations in Timor Leste is in the cultural promotion of equality. This is reflected in the framework of the Constitution and laws such as the National Development Plan in which construct equality between men and women. Through the ratification of CEDAW, the changes in society can be seen in the last five years in which enlarger involvement of women in the public area, including increased participation of women in the economy, politics and government.

Keywords : gender mainstreaming, peacekeeping operation

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