The Pathogenesis Characteristics and Symptom of Covid-19 in the Context of Establishing a Nursing Diagnosis

Mayusef Sukmana, Falasifah Ani Yuniarti


Covid-19 is a disease that causes a global health emergency, caused by SAR-CoV2 and transmitted through droplets. Viruses attached to host cells are strongly bound to ACE2 causing excessive inflammatory reactions (Cytokine Storm). The incubation period 1-14 days, causing signs and symptoms of the respiratory syndrome, fever, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, and in severe conditions multi-organ failure that ends in death. In May 2020 the world mortality rate increased by 15.45%, which previously was March 2020 at 3.4%. The concept of pathogenesis is needed as an effort to provide understanding in handling Covid-19 so that mortality can be controlled. Tracing and understanding the characteristics of Covid-19 pathogenesis that gives rise to various pathological responses of the body becomes an interesting analytical study to establish an appropriate diagnosis, including nursing diagnoses in order to develop a comprehensive nursing plan. This study aims to review the characteristics of covid-19 pathogenesis in the context of establishing a nursing diagnosis according to the Indonesian Nursing Diagnosis Standards.  A literature study is done by analyzing the characteristics of COVID-19 signs and symptoms and comparing the major and minor data groupings that exist in the Indonesian Nursing Diagnosis Standard. Characteristic pathogenesis results from mild, moderate and severe symptoms. Grouping results refer to nursing diagnoses including ineffective airway clearance, ventilator weaning disorders, gas exchange disorders, ineffective breathing patterns, the risk of spontaneous circulatory disorders, hyperthermia and anxiety.

 Keywords: Nursing diagnosis Covid-19, signs anda symptome covid-19,  pathogenesis Covid-19, SAR-CoV2


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